ISLAMABD - Thousands of private medical clinics and hospitals are arbitrarily functioning in the country without any code of conduct or government's control, causing monetary and physical loss to general public. TheNation has learnt that the private hospitals are operating without rules and regulations and a person can establish a private hospital in country sans permission or license from the government. "Wrong diagnosis, improper treatment and huge charges have become a routine matter in such clinics/hospitals with no place for victim to go for justice," said some officials of the Ministry of Health. Adeena, mother of two, has become victim of such an unqualified doctor. While narrating her ordeal, she said; "I had taken my eight months old son for an eye check up after having an infection but the doctor at a private clinic, after diagnosing, told me that there was nothing to worry about as his eyes were in perfect condition". "But now when my son is fifteen months old, his lachrymal tube is blocked. I have come know about the problem when I take him to public sector hospital. The doctor told me there that only option left is surgery," she added. "Had that unqualified doctor properly diagnose my son's problem this would not happen," she regretted. This is story of a one victim who is living in the Federal Capital what would be the situation in rural areas can be gauge very easily. "There is no law to control the mushroom growth of private hospitals in the country and by taking advantage of this lapse on the part of Health Ministry, one can see a private hospital in every area of the country," a Ministry official lamented. He said that many times the issue was taken up at official level but the high-ups remained silent on this important issue related to public health. "Neither fee, nor any standard are set to establish private clinics so the owners of these private clinics and hospitals are playing the role similar to a butcher," the official said. On the other hand, patients who prefer private clinics told TheNation that they had opted for private labs, as they were unsatisfied with the efficiency and facilities of public sector hospitals. They complained that government hospitals were mostly overcrowded and due to medical urgency they go for a private clinical. The official emphasised that government should come with a clear policy to legalise all the private clinic and should take measures on emergency basis to improve condition of public clinics.