It seems that, far from quietening those PPP elements trying to exploit Punjab Governor Salman Taseers murder for political purposes, President Zardari has joined them. While condoling with the widow on Thursday by phone, he said that the murder was political, though disguised as religious in motivation, and the perpetrators would be punished. He also paid a short visit to Lahore on Friday to condole with the family. This was even though the PML-Ns leader in the National Assembly, Ch Nisar Ali, had warned against an attempt to politicise the assassination. While the day before, at the funeral and a PPP Punjab Assembly parliamentary party meeting, federal ministers had done their best to instigate feelings against the Punjab Chief Minister, party Information Secretary Fauzia Wahab tried to roil up PPP workers outraged feelings while giving an interview to a foreign TV channel on Thursday. By equating Governor Taseers death with that of Zulfikar Ali Bhuttos and Benazir Bhuttos, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto, doing no service to their memories, joined in this conspiracy. With the very top leadership of the PPP not showing any awareness that the PML-N was crucial to the survival of the Gilani government. It is no wonder that the ordinary worker feels free to bandy about the most astounding and ridiculous accusations. Apart from the value of the accusation itself, Mr Zardari should exercise caution to avoid prejudicing the investigation, which is so far not complete. He and the ordinary PPP worker should keep in mind that investigation is taking place in Islamabad, under the direct control of the PPP government, and thus will yield results which it can rely on. There has been no evidence emerging so far of the killer having any accomplices, or being obliged by any force, apart from his religious beliefs, to commit the murder. That alone should stop the partys stalwarts from making groundless accusations. The President, now more than ever, should realise that the murder of his personal representative in the province is too serious a matter to be made into a political football regardless of the truth. Not only must he himself stop flinging about false accusations casually, but also make sure that party leaders, both senior and junior, should refrain from something that can only be harmful for the party. That might involve making gestures that hitherto he has avoided, of support and friendship for the PML-N leaders. If so, he should not avoid doing so out of any sense of misplaced pride. Particularly at this juncture, the PPP needs all the friends it can get.