Corruption is rife in Pakistan. According to a recent report on corruption of Transparency International, Pakistan is at 34th position in the list of 178 countries. Unfortunately, the government seems reluctant to combat corruption. Keeping the rhetoric apart, no tangible steps have been taken by the ruling elite to weed it out. However, it is good to learn that the judiciary is serious in cracking down on the menace. Now, the people at the helm of affairs must realize that corruption is a stumbling block in the progress of the country. Corruption is reigning supreme and the ruling class is lost in a rat race for material gains. Because of the governments inaction, the Supreme Court has to take notice against this evil. For instance, the former religious minister was alleged for extorting money from innocent pilgrims. On the contrary, the president and the prime minister did not deem it fit to probe the allegations against the person. Although, the PM has sacked the minister but it was merely due to some political reason. However, the SC has taken suo-moto notice against the culprits involved in this scam. The SC has already taken suo-moto action on Steel Mills scandal and the Rental Power project which have brought back a huge sum of money in the governments exchequer. The apex court has sent many blue-eyed boys behind the bars. Owing to the governments inertia, the situation is going from bad to worse. But the need of the hour is that the ruling class should take concrete steps to root out corruption. The people at the helm of affairs and the judiciary should join their hands together to wage a war against this monster so that embezzlement of tax money and violation of human rights can be stopped. The culprits should be taken to the task. Consequently, the country will move towards progress and prosperity. But the SC alone cannot eliminate corruption altogether. So what is needed is the joint and concerted effort of the apex court and the government. One wonders, if the Supreme Court is so active against the rotten eggs, why is the govt only a silent spectator. FUAD AHMED, Lahore, January 7.