More citizens of Pakistan have been killed on the streets of Karachi, than by religious fanatics and foreign sponsored suicidal attacks. Unwarranted use of violence as a tool to assert authority either by the state, political parties or religious groups, which leads to death of innocent law abiding citizens of Pakistan, in my humble opinion, is terrorism. For over thirty years, the uniformed services have abused their power to impose military rule in Pakistan. Zia-ul Haq was instrumental in facilitating, funding and arming of fanatics to prolong his illegitimate rule and weaken genuine political parties, who could challenge his junta. When the state does not allow the voice of dissent and quells it through use of brute force, it encourages the disgruntled elements to resort to use of violence. Religious groups funded by foreign countries, who have raised their armed groups have today become a nuisance for this nation. The state institutions which are involved in systematic real estate plunder for personal greed, under the garb of national security and welfare, have also led to discontentment amongst the population. This culture of tolerance for blatant corruption and violence must be rooted out of our society. The recent decision by army chief to convert the proposed cantonment at Sui into a cadet college is a welcome sign. Institutionalized corruption by civil and military bureaucracy and political opportunists, have contributed to large scale discontentment and frustration, which has encouraged militants to recruit fodder for its evil designs. Injustice in our society must cease and the state should be seen as provider of justice, welfare and good governance, instead of being perceived as protecting the corrupt or those accused of heinous crimes. ALI MALIK TARIQ, Lahore, Januray 7.