In Pakistan, the population growth rate has been increasing alarmingly. According to UN, the current population of Pakistan is 185 million and it is estimated that 5.589 million births per year will take place between 2010 and 2015. However, at the time of the 1971 census, population growth rate was 3.6 percent per annum which has almost doubled now. The rapid increase in the population growth has been severely affecting social fabric and development of the economy. Dense population in our cities is raising social evils. Besides, unemployment, poverty and burgeoning the demands of products and services are also stimulated by the uncontrollable growth of population. In order to curtail the growth rate, the govt should take assistance from private sectors and also in introduce Mobile health units to aware general public for the grimness of the problem. Additionally, special programmes on media and campaign on local level should be encouraged in this regard. Lastly, if Pakistan, does not manage the population growth rate, it will have to deal with the UNs estimate that he population will increase by about 21 million by 2015. FAISAL REHMAN CHANNA, Sukkur, January 7.