Mr. Babar Awan is vexing high and mighty in vociferously defending the case of re-opening  late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s  trial in the Superior Court.  Perhaps he is not aware that late Bhutto’s case now rests in the Divine Court of Allah Almighty when on the final day of Judgment all cases would be decided with perfect justice before the throne of Allah Almighty. Does not it amount to contempt of the Divine Court to ask a lower worldly Court to reopen the case when it is now in the domain of a Divine Court on the last day of  Judgment? This recalls the case of a young lad being killed by Khawaja Khizar who when questioned by Prophet Moses (A.S.) said that he had acted upon Allah’s guidance to perform the unheard of act as it was feard that the lad on growing up would be a source of  sorrow for his righteous parents.  As such the inscrutable ways of Divine in shaping the events and Judgment in the mundane would may not be questioned as our knowledge of future events is not given to us.


Lahore, January 5.