MULTAN - World Water Assembly (WWA) Chief Coordinator Hafiz Zahoorul Hassan Dahar warned on Saturday that India was working on a vicious plan to use water bomb against Pakistan as 47 new dams would become operational on Pakistani rivers till December 31, 2014.

Talking to the journalists here, he said that Chenab and Jhelum rivers had already dried up because of Indian water terrorism while River Indus would also become the same in 2014. He said that the corrupt commission mafia in Pakistan played key role in facilitating India to construct these dams. “The then Indus Water Commissioner Jamat Ali Shah informed Pakistan government about construction of Nimoo Bazgo Dam in February 2009 while its construction had started in 2001. Over 70 percent work was done on the dam when it came into the notice,” he added. He further pointed out that corrupt Pakistani officials also supported India in accomplishing other illegal dam projects like Baglihar, Kishan Ganga and Chotak. He demanded the government to register cases against officials involved in concealing Indian water aggression.

He disclosed that Indian Prime Minister issued a special directive under which 12 construction companies were ordered to work in double shifts on the dam projects while 10 new companies were awarded contracts. He added that a satanic consortium was formed comprising India, Israel and five other non-Muslim states that would spend 500 billion on these projects. He said that earlier 400 billion rupees were allocated for the dam projects but now another 100 billion is added to expedite the work.

He said that the River Chenab was under complete control of India while the water of Jhelum would also be utilized solely by India after December 2013. He lamented that still nobody bothered to stop India from committing water terrorism as she was given full liberty to accomplish the dam projects. He pointed out that Indian dam projects were meant to turn the direction of Indus to South from North and the seventh largest river of the world would be dry till 2014.

He warned that the largest canal system of the world was at the verge of complete destruction. He asked the government, all political powers and masses to unify at one platform and raise joint voice against India otherwise horrible drought and famine would hit the country soon because of India water aggression. He asked the government to raise voice at international forums in effective manner, hurling a warning that any delay in it would be tantamount to committing mass suicide at national level.