Murder of the police surgeon, Dr Baqir Shah, in Quetta, who was investigating the unlawful killings of foreigners at Khartotabad by Rangers and FC personnel on May 17, has once again shaken the nation. Efforts to bring culprits to justice have once again gone to waste.

The death of Baqir Shah leaves a big question mark on the credibility of the government and law-enforcement agencies to provide security to investigators and witnesses to crucial cases. The deceased had survived a deadly attack soon after presenting the post-mortem report that claimed the innocence of foreigners and termed Rangers and FC personnel the culprits behind the staged murder of harmless human beings. Unfortunately, his luck ran out when he was attacked for the second time by unknown gunmen when he was going home from work and died from bullet wounds. A country where the truth is silenced and those who dare to state the truth are wiped off the earth with the motive to protect criminals cannot and does not survive for long. I wonder who would take the courage to unveil realities now. Who would come forward to point a finger at those who threaten the existence of the country by creating bloodshed and lawlessness?


Karachi, January 5.