LAHORE - Supreme Court of Pakistan should send Prime Minister and President to Adyala Jail if they do not implement its verdict on the National Reconciliation Order and memogate. The apex court should have to take bold steps for the implementation of its all decisions, Law students said here on Saturday.

If the judiciary wants to ensure the rule of law in the country then it should punish the court violators strictly. A number of law students including position holders express these views while talking to The Nation after inauguration ceremony of ‘Law Clinics’ by Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khosa at Quaid-e-Azam Law College.

The law students not only termed the Governor’s speech as political which was aired, according to them, to defend the wrongdoings of the Pakistan People’s Party government but also opposed the debate about the creation of new provinces by saying that all political parties are busy to divert the attention of the people who are facing electricity and gas loadshedding, unemployment, price hike, increase in electricity tariff and other crisis for the last four years.

Anieka Yaseen, a position holder of LLB-II, said the apex court was working to solve the problems of the countrymen which was the duty of government but it had failed completely to deliver for their betterment. “Politicians were just looting the national kitty in every department while SC recovering the looted money from them. And, therefore they criticise the judiciary openly because the court is detecting the ministers’ corruption,” Ms Anieka maintained.

She added that SC should play the role to bring back the money in national exchequer after recovering it from the NRO beneficiaries including President Asif Ali Zardari. She demanded, however, that SC should not call military for the implementation of its orders as the intervention of military might led to another rule of dictatorship.

LLB-I student Khurram Shehzad, Muazzam Wattoo and Shahzad Hassan Sarru condemned the Governor Khosa’s views in favour of government and against the Supreme Court, and said: “They (rulers) think that democracy means silence, but they must know that are wrong.” The PPP-led government had destroyed the country’s departments as well as economy and now demanded ‘silence and peace’ from public, the students said adding that judges of High Courts and SC should not keep close their eyes on government corruption.

They said: “If SC decisions on NRO and memogate are not implemented by the government then Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani and President Asif Ali Zardari should be send to Adyala Jail after proceeding against them as contempt of court. We are with judiciary. The entire nation is on the back of judges,” the students said and demanded the government to take measures for recovery of public money from NRO beneficiaries.

They also demanded the government to unveil the names of its loved ones allegedly involved in memogate which, they perceived, was an attempt to hand over the country to American forces. Khurram Shahzad said it was not appropriate time to debate on creation of new provinces. The political parties especially PPP, MQM and ANP had tried to divert the attention of the public from real issues which had destroyed the country’s economy, Shahzad stressed. The law students including females were of the view the government itself wanted clash with other institutions especially with judiciary because it desired to take recognition again as political martyr (Siasi Shaheed).

LLB Part-II student Mohammad Saeed Kamoka said that why Governor Latif Khosa skipped to reveal the names of Benazir Bhutto’s assassins? The rulers were just selling the name of their leader, former two time Prime Minister, and fooling the messes,” he further said. “If PPP respects the judiciary then why they do not obey its orders?” he inquired. Iffat Nazir and Sumera Dildar, students of LLB Part II, urged the government to implement on the SC decisions in letter and spirits. They said that masses have expressed no trust on the conduct of all political parties and now the judiciary would have to do something. The apex court should take strict notice and action against court violators rather he is Zardari, Gillani or Babar Awan. “Most of the Parliamentarians have no knowledge to legislate according to the needs of poor people,” Iffat Nazir said.

Madeeha Sonia, student of LLB Part III, said society should make efforts to support the judiciary that is working hard to bring back the money looted by NRO beneficiaries. “We should raise NRO issue internationally to recover the money from dishonest persons of country,” Sonia said. Humera Tariq, also student of LLB Part III, said Governor Punjab tried to gain cheap publicity by criticising the apex court and praising the government inefficiencies.