MULTAN - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that the government is not sincere to create Seraiki province rather it is just befooling the masses under a number game.

Addressing the participants of a welcome party organised in his honour by the party workers in Tawakkal Town area on Saturday, Mr Qureshi added that the method adopted by the prime minister for making new provinces was unconstitutional and the government should adopt constitutional way if it was sincere with this cause. He said that even government’s own allies were split on this issue. “The masses have become politically sensible who do not believe in mere slogans. They demand result,” he added. He declared that only that party would succeed in coming election which would do something for the people instead of raising just slogans.

He said that the state of affairs at all national institutions was very bad. “People are deprived of gas and electricity while industry is on verge of destruction because of suspension of gas supply. On one hand millions of people are losing their jobs while on the other hand prices are killing them,” he maintained. He said that it had become almost impossible for the people to make both the ends meet. He pointed out that profitable departments like PIA, Wapda, Pakistan Steel and Railways went into loss but the rulers were busy in just filling their pockets. He alleged that the prime minister was busy in looking after his personal interests instead of national ones as he was busy in running election campaign of his son. “Instead of giving attention to sensitive national affairs, he is doing the politics of just NA-148 as a result of which all important national affairs are neglected,” he claimed. He said that the security and existence of the country was subject to the resignation of existing government.

Prices continue to soar: The prices of daily-use items and edibles continue to soar in the country as the price hike registered another 6.08 percent increase during the last week, disclosed a report issued by the Federal Bureau of Statistics on Friday. The report pointed out that although the recent wave of price hike hit all portions of society, it particularly affected the people with an average monthly income of Rs35,000 or more.

According to details, the rates of at least 20 items went up during the last week while the prices of 11 things came down and the prices of 22 items remained stable. The items with increased price include onion, Sui gas, LPG, eggs, chicken, banana, petrol, rice, cigarette, ghee, fire wood, mutton, kerosene oil, washing soap, mustard oil, wheat and pulses. Similarly, the prices of potato, tomato, sugar, gur, garlic, red chilly and atta have declined.