ISLAMABAD - Mansoor Ijaz will come to Pakistan to testify his ‘truthful version’ before the judicial commission set up by the Supreme Court, as and when he may be required, his counsel said.

In a statement issued to media on Saturday, Mansoor Ijaz’s counsel Akram Sheikh contradicting the media reports said his client has not written any letter/email yesterday (Friday) to the distinguished inquiry commission. Sheikh said any verbal or written communications shall be done only through his office. He clarified that the only application filed on behalf of Mr Mansoor Ijaz is the one filed through his counsel on January 6, 2012.

“It has formally been brought to the kind notice of the commission that our client is keen to visit Pakistan to appear before the honourable commission to uphold and entrench into the homeland of his ancestors the value system of “Truth” by deposing correctly the whole truth about ‘The Memorandum’”, said the statement. Sheikh stated his client has voluntarily even waived his privacy rights regarding the BlackBerry communication and telephone conversations. “Our client is ready to face any cross-examination in this regard,” he added. Unfortunately, the federal government has abused the office of its attorney general by exploiting an earlier communication sent by Mr Mansoor Ijaz to the secretary of the commission which was transferred by the latter to the attorney general’s office. The only logical reason from leaking this privileged communication to the press seems to be discrediting our client, said the statement.

It is expected that the process of the honourable commission shall not be abused by the government or its functionaries as this shall be tantamount to an obstruction to justice at the highest level, it concluded.