ISLAMABAD - Making mockery of merit and rule of law, an influential firm has succeeded in providing expired chemical to the OGDCL with the connivance of its own management, it was reliably learnt on Saturday.

Sources in OGDCL (Oil and Gas Development Company Limited) privy to the matter disclosed to TheNation that the influential firm, backed by a strong lobby ostensibly in connivance with top guns of the company, earlier succeeded in getting a contract of multi-million rupees regarding the provision of 300 tons of drilling fluid known as LV chemical (CMC) or drilling fluid, usually used in mud drilling to increase the viscosity of mud fluid where there are mud losses into the formation. However, the firm named “Kemlon”, in a belated move, had supplied only 165 tons out of 300 tons in the month of November 2011 instead of promised quantity after getting extension. The chemical was found expired and is now a days available in Khadeji Base Store of OGDCL, located near Hyderabad and Karachi cities in Sindh. Therefore, hefty amount of the OGDCL is blocked in the accounts of the influential firm after the opening of LC (letter of credit), sources added.

Sources said, “The firm had inflicted heavy losses to the company with different names such as Priority, Advantage etc.” Again, no one at the company (OGDCL) had ever seen the real representatives of the alleged influential firm, other than mighty Dr Kamran, who had appeared before the company as a representative of many so called companies, sources pointed out.

It was also learnt that the said firm had managed to get extension from OGDCL against the final date of provision of LV chemical to the company and succeeded in taking worthy amount of around Rs 2 crores from the company. The firm had neither replaced the supplied chemical nor it provided the remaining 165 tons of LV chemical to the company till the filing of this story. Further, the said firm had earlier asked OGDCL to change the manufacturer of the LV chemical, as a delaying tactic but OGDCL had not granted permission to the firm. But, ironically, the incumbent Managing Director (MD) Bisharat Mirza in written had recommended to give a chance and also extended extensions against the final date of provision of chemical to the said firm when he was working as the General Manger (GM) of Supply Chain Management (SCM), sources deplored.

Sources further informed that so far the firm had not been blacklisted nor its bank guarantee has been confiscated as the influential lobby is behind to benefit the firm. It is pitiable that though defiance from time bar limit and provision of expiry chemical is enough to confiscate the bank guarantee of the firm and to cancel its agreement with accordance to the concerned rules and regulations. Yet nothing has been done so far to avoid further losses to the company. Resultantly, misfortune is playing with the company due to unlawful connivance of the management of the company, sources opined.

The spokesperson of OGDCL was not available for comment after many repeated attempts. However the PRO section of the company, when contacted earlier, was found reluctant to officially give OGDCL’s version/stand or even some of the details of the matter. But due to persistent efforts of this scribe, the official confirmed the info on the condition of anonymity by saying that OGDCL had given some mobilization fund to the said firm, which will be sought now from the firm as it had provided expiry LV chemical that has been rejected now by the company.