Pakistan was made with the ideals of democracy and freedom; a nation that had every reason to strive for and achieve better than what it had been born with.

Our nation, alas, never truly had the chance to be ‘democratic’ and ‘free’; frequent regimes of martial law and power-hungry politicians destroyed the system before it ever truly started. Every government that emerged promised great improvement, but those mostly remained empty words – illusions created to entice the nation, dreams hardly ever brought to fruition. At the start of the present regime, the typical promises of security, energy and better living were made, but so far their antithesis hold state as the condition of all progresses from bad to worse. Our country weeps as it reaps the costs of the interference of foreign powers and the devastation of natural disasters, alongside the internal turmoil and political skirmishes.

Amidst the shambles that the system of Pakistan has become, one man appears to rise above the rest. His ideologies are the same as those of Quaid-i-Azam, and his words ring of truth and hope like none of the other leaders while he creates tsunamis of optimism in a nation drowning in violence and despondency. He is the one and only - Imran Khan.

He has done a fine job of rousing the educated masses and youth of Pakistan. Seeing as how challenging it is to get the more literate percentage of the nation desiring for a cause, Imran Khan deserves a standing ovation. He seems to have a plan to lead the nation out of our current abyss of disaster, and not only are the people agreeing with him, but so are notable members of other political parties.

Pakistan is a country that is ready and willing for change, but equally allergic to it. It is evident that the realisation of his vision will be no piece of cake. Only time will tell whether Imran Khan succumbs to the system or revolutionises it. However, if we have given a chance to those plainly worse than him, we may as well take a leap of faith and see what the man claiming to walk Quaid-i-Azam’s path can accomplish for Pakistan.


Lahore, January 4.