PESHAWAR – Pakistan People’s Party-Sherpao (PPP-S), provincial cabinet, has strongly criticised the ‘wrong’ policies of the incumbent coalition government and expressed deep concern over the gas and power crises in the country.

The party provincial cabinet urged the rulers to take solid steps to overcome the increasing disappointment among the people and ensure provision of basic facilities including gas and electricity supply to them in the chilly weather.

Addressing the party provincial cabinet meeting held on Saturday here with PPP-S, KP, President Sikandar Sherpao in the chair, Sikandar Sherpao said the country was passing through a very critical juncture of the history, adding that the country was confronted with challenges both internally and at external fronts due to the rulers policies. He said rampant corruption in all the government institutions, increasing unemployment and price hike rendered the masses lives miserable.

The ongoing energy and gas crises have also badly affected the businesses of the masses, while the rulers are not serious in resolving their problems, he added.

Sikandar Sherpao said all the political parties in the ruling alliance were following the policies against the aspiration of the masses, saying the elected representatives in power have forgotten their promises made with the masses during election campaign.

He also said that the incumbent government has no plan to overcome the existing energy crisis, corruption, and economic recession, which is ample proof of the incompetence of the rulers.

The participants asked the government to take serious the problems confronting the distress masses and do not further push the country into a ditch of crisis.

In the meeting besides him, party provincial leaders including Bakht Bedar Khan, Fazlur Rahman, Malik Zarawar Khan, Usman Khalil, Asad Afridi, Fazl-e-Wahab, Faqir Hussain, Malik Nadeem, party lawyers forum president Bilal Durrani and Nargis Samin and Dr Saadullah participated.