Peoples Party Leader and former Political Secretary to Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Mrs Naheed Khan has said that President Zardari was expert in blame game and should have the moral courage to name the lady who persuaded the former Prime Minister to address public meeting at Liaquat bagh on 27th December, 2007.

In an interview with the private TV channel Nahid Khan was asked about her reaction over President Zardari's remarks that a lady persuaded her to address the public meeting after which BB was assassinated, the former political secretary said that President Zardari should have the moral courage to have identified that lady.

She said the President every day gives a new statement since the martyrdom of Mohtarma. She regretted that after passage of four years, the murders of Shaheed BB have not been arrested.

Naheed Khan said Mohtarma was not in this world today to confirm whether some body tried to prevent her from addressing the Liaquat Bagh meeting. She said that BB addressed public meetings according to sch3dule and she had also gone to Nawabshah and Karachi.

She said the President was at that time in Dubai, and regretted that he (Zardari) did not care to ask her what happened on that fateful day.