RAHIM YAR KHAN - Protesting train passengers injured engine driver and blocked two trains for hours at the Railways Station here.

The engine of Karachi bound Allama Iqbal Express got failed because it caught fire at the station and its driver saved his life by jumping off the train. Meanwhile, Multan-bound Bahauddin Zikriya Express and Karachi-bound Awam Express arrived at the station.

Some passengers of Allama Iqbal Express laid down at the rail track and blocked these trains.

They started protesting and demanded a new engine for Allama Iqbal Express. The driver of Awam Express injured when they pelted stones at the engine while the Railways police and staff could be seen nowhere. A division police station reached there. A passenger from Sailkot Khurram said that the police beat him when he was protesting.

The injured driver said that that his train reached here in 18 hours from Karachi because the speed of engine was not more than 30 kms per hour. Zikriya Express and Awam Express departed for their destinations after one and half hours.

A new engine arrived here from Sukkur which took Allama Iqbal Express to Karachi after four hours. Many passengers seeing this situation left these trains and moved to bus stands.