LAHORE – In line with the recently-opened PPP outburst against Supreme Court of Pakistan, Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khosa on Saturday criticised the Apex Court for its role in different cases. He, however, did not say which cases. Immediately turning to Punjab chief minister, Mr Khosa said Shahbaz Sharif “has a colonial mind as he often calls me ‘Lat Sahib.’”

Addressing an inauguration ceremony of Law Clinics at Quaid-e-Azam Law College here on Saturday, Governor Khosa held the civil and military bureaucracies responsible for the destruction of “our notational institutions” and urged the doctors, engineers and lawyers to play their role for the betterment of the country.

The students, especially female ones, did not warmly welcome the guest (Khosa) when he jumped onto the podium. There was no clapping for the governor at all.

Member Pakistan Bar Council Maqsood Butter, Azam Nazir Tarrer, former law minister Khalid Ranjha, Rana Ijaz Ahmad Khan, Justice (r) Afzal Haider and others were also present on the occasion.

“Shahbaz Sharif has a colonial mind. He often calls me ‘Lat Sahib’,” Mr. Khosa said. He said such a colonial mindset was forcing the oppressed to approach courts for justice. The colonial rule has ended and now the governments will have to serve for the masses.”

Khosa spent most of his time in the function praising and defending President Asif Ali Zardari and the Federal Government. The governor said the current government was not responsible for the massive gas and electricity crises because no power plant was installed during the period between 1996 and 2008. He requested the Apex Court, in an ironic manner, to take a sou moto on why no power plants were installed during “those twelve years”.

He said SC was responsible for discouraging the foreign investment because the apex court interfered in many projects of government with other countries. He lamented over the involvement of apex court in Rental Power Projects case, Liquefied Natural Gas case, Steels Mills case and in other cases.

“Every institution including courts should working in their limits otherwise there is a strong chance of conflict,” Khosa said adding that sovereignty of the parliament should be respected by everyone. The governor said that every department of the state should serve the people following its limits and PPP would never let any one to destroy the democracy in the country.

He said no model like Bangladesh would be accepted by the nation. He said that all the doors of marshal law had been closed forever as announced by the judiciary and he ensured that no third power would come in the country. He said that Senate elections might be held in February and the general election at the end of this year. “The Pakistan People’s Party government has decided to hold these elections as transparent as possible.”

He urged the law students to visit the deprived areas of the province for highlighting the human violations in these areas. Ignoring the fact that PML-Q is the coalition partner of current PPP government in federation, Mr Khosa said the past government of Pervaz Musharaf and his accomplices was not the people’s government. He said Shaukat Aziz was an imported prime minister.

Sardar Khosa said political parties were holding big processions in the country which is beauty of democracy. He asked the political leadership to come on table for resolving the massive crisis faced by the country. He said: “Seraiki is my mother language.”