MANDI BAHAUDDIN -The outcome of general elections in Mandi Bahauddin's constituency NA-109, PP-118 and PP-119,comprising Tehsil Malikwal, some area of Mandi Bahauddin and Phalia tehsils, largely depend on the political alliance between the PPP and PML-Q.  The area consists of fertile plains irrigated by network of canals. A large number of youth work abroad, sending a large sum of foreign exchange and people enjoy a good living standard there. Gondal clan is the dominant clan in the district but Ranjha, Tarar and Bhutti also wield influence.

Besides, there are small settlements of Raja, Ghakhar, Cheema, Chattha Jut and Rajput clans.  Muslim League had been dominating the area since independence but with the downfall of General Ayub, the PPP seriously contested its dominance and now both parties have winning chances in general elections.  There is a trend among local leaders of switching loyalties ahead of general elections to get ticket of stronger party.

In 2002,Bosal family left the PML-N and Nasir Iqbal Bosal contested election on the ticket of PML-Q but was defeated by Major Zulfiqar Gondal of the PPP. Munawar Iqbal Gondal, a new entrant in politics fought election on the ticket of PML-N and remained third.

In 1997 election, Nasir Iqbal's father Iqbal Bosal fought election at NA-84 (now NA-109) on the ticket of PML-N and won it with 56,292 votes. His rivals Nazar Gondal of the PPP got 30,749.  In PP-118 Fazal Ahmed Ranjha of the PML-Q won after taking 20,606 votes, defeating Liaqat Khan of the PPP by some 6,000 votes.

PPP'sMajor Ehsan Elahi Chaudhry contested for the seat of PP-119 and won it, bagging 24,925 votes. His rivals Ghulam Hussain Bosal of the PML-Q and Shafqat Mahmood Gondal of the PML-N secured 21,599 and 14,312 respectively. In election 2008, a close compaction was witnessed when Nazar Gondal of the PPP who secured 74,163 votes, leaving behind Nasir Iqbal Bosalof the PML-Q who was second with 67,489 votes. Imtiaz Ahmed Gondal of the PML-N could manage only 21,239 votes.

PML-Q leader Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi fought election at PP-118 and got 30,736 votes against Fazal Ahmed Ranjha of the PPP who got 23,368 votes while Sikandar Hayat Gondal of the PML-N received 4,545 votes.

This was the only seat in the district won by the PML-Q but vacated later by Elahi to retain his NA seat.

In by poll for the seat, PPP's Major Zulfiqar Gondal defeated rival Ahmed Khan Bhutti of the PML-Q in a close contests. PMLN did not field its candidate.  On PP-119 Waseem Afzal Gondal of the PPP defeated Major Ehsan Elahi of the PML-Q.  Pattern of elections remains the same. Main contest remains between major parties PMLN and PPP and they succeed alternatively on all seats or losing one or two seats to rival party.  Other parties have some elements each but despite their best efforts they had failed to win people's loyalties and attract them to join their parties. PML-N and the PPP are major players in the politics of the district while the PTI is working hard to create its niche there. PTI workers are focusing to increase party membership and, according to PTI leaders, they have been able to register about 16,000.

JI has scattered votes across the district but it cannot win the election in this constituency independently.  In 1988 Umar Hayat Laleka contested the election in NA-84 on the ticket of IJI and won the seat with 32,827, defeating Nazar Gondal of the PPP.  The PML-N, PML-Q and PPP have not nominated candidates for 2013 election. According to local analysts, Nazar Gondal, Major Zulfiqar, Waseem Afzal Gondal of the PPP will again be nominated at NA-109, PP-118 and PP-119 constituencies.

Nasir Bosal will contest at NA-109 for the PML-N while candidates from PMLQ have yet to surface.

If the PPP and PML-Q field joint candidates in the district, they will convincingly win the election.

But if there will be no seat adjustment between the PML-Q and the PPP, a hard fought contest is expected and analysts are predicting that PML-N may win NA-109. M Khan Bhatti, who lost the by election last time with a narrow margin, is considered a strong candidate.  He is credited with constructing link roads and helping educated young men getting jobs during previous Punjab govt. According to locals, if the PPP and the PML-N get united and agree on seat adjustment, they will march past the victory.  There is no major apparent in the result of the coming elections and power will stay close to the power houses of the district.