PESHAWAR - The MPH qualified doctors have appealed to Chief Justice, Peshawar High Court, and Secretary Health, KPK, to take notice of the violation of merit and irregularities in the appointment and promotion of doctors in the management cadre of Health Department.

The affected doctors informed TheNation that few years back management cadre was formed in health department while the MPH qualified doctors were asked to apply for the vacant posts. They said that though all the qualified doctors has applied for the mentioned posts but those who had applied in due time were ignored while those who applied after the due time were considered on the basis of nepotism and favouritism.

The affected doctors said that majority of the qualified doctors were ignored due to violation of merit by certain mafia within health department. They added that the general cadre doctors went to service tribunal for inclusion of their names in the management cadre and the service tribunal decided the case in their favour.

Later the corrupt mafia in the management cadre got stay order from the supreme court and forced the government for the promotion of the doctors in the management cadre through corrupt mafia, which was extremely injustice with the most senior doctors in the general cadre who are qualified in public health.  It is pertinent to mention here that doctors working in different grades from the last 20 years were ignored while most junior doctors in the management cadre were promoted two times in last three years despite having fake degrees of MPH.

They appealed to CJ SC take action against these illegal appointments and promotions in the management cadre of health department KPK and bring the corrupt mafia to book.