A deadly drone strike, in fact involving three drones, killed a TTP suicide-wing commander, among 16 others, most of them suspected to be militants belonging to the Mehsud tribe. As the army too is engaged in clearing up areas of such hardcore militants, a precision strike eliminating the head of the suicide squad comes as welcome news. But obviously, how intelligence is collected and most of the times carrying out the strikes without sharing it with the Pakistani authorities compounds the negativity around the drones as a whole. As the Pakistani army had now implicitly stated internal disturbances to be the number one threat to Pakistan, it needs to drone technology more than the US, which is not battling such militancy on its own soil.

The government has been asking the US to hand over the drones so that it may itself use them when it deems necessary. If for instance the drones are given to Pakistan, sovereignty would stay intact and the front line ally of the US would be better equipped to fight off the scourge of terrorism.