LAHORE - The CNG station owners have announced protest today (Tuesday) to vent anger over ‘unjustified’ gas distribution.

The gas filling stations are already closed in Lahore and other areas of the province for more than a week. The curtailment for the sector is likely to be continued by mid of January.

Almost every sector (domestic, CNG and industrial) is caught by gas crisis. The majority of people in Lahore and other big cities are not getting proper gas pressure to even cook food.

All Pakistan CNG Association on Monday released protest schedule terming it last option to get their rights protected at a time when the whole sector is being victimised because of absence of a CNG policy.

“The engineered crisis of the CNG has left some four lakh people unemployed making life difficult for them and their two and a half million dependants,” said Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha, Chairman of Supreme Council of the APCNGA.

In a statement, he said transport sector had been badly hit leaving millions more insecure while adding to the miseries of general public. Paracha said CNG filling stations had been closed since two and a half months which was resulting in rusting machinery jeopardising investments to the tune of Rs 400 billion. He said President and Prime Minister should interfere in the issue to save investments and provide relief to masses.

“The latest pricing formula was made in violation of all the rules, regulations and norms while gas prices and taxes were not reduced as demanded.”