LAHORE  - Health experts have advised the people to switch off gas room heaters before going to bed to avoid high risks of death and fire.

Principal Shaikh Zayed Medical and Dental College and Dean and Chairman Shaikh Zayed Hospital told APP here Monday that public must observe safety measures while using gas room heaters to avoid mishaps which may lead to death. Treatment of the gas affected patients is very complicated one.

He said that before going to bed people should ensure that room heaters are properly switched off and gas supply must be closed at the source to avoid leakages.

Medical Superintendent Jinnah Hospital Dr.Fazal Ur Rehman said that majority of the people, use gas-heaters in almost air tight rooms in winter season, which results in gas poisoning and may lead to fatal casualty due to absence of adequate fresh oxygen intake that causes acute breathing problems. He stressed that a window or a ventilator must be kept open for adequate intake of oxygen. Former Managing Director, Heavy Electrical Complex, Eng Ashique Ali said that combustion of natural gas produce carbon monoxide which is hazardous to life as it destroys red blood cells, which maintain oxygen level in blood. 

Dr Zafar Iqbal said that declined levels of blood oxygen adversely effect entire human body, specially brain, liver, kidney, muscles and the living tissues.