BAHAWALPUR - The district police arrested nine men and 16 women red-handed in compromising position during a raid on a house in small industrial area on Monday.

Kotwali Police SHO Mohsin Sardar told The Nation that following a host of public complaints about the house being run as a prostitution centre, the police raided the house and arrested 25 persons including 16 women.

He pointed out that to deceive the public the owner 'apparently' ran a Sewing Training School for women in small industrial area but under the guise he ran prostitution business. He said that the house owner Allah Wasaya had been doing the business from last 5 years.

He claimed that people from Lahore, Multan and other cities (willingly) left their girls with Allah Wasaya and in return received heavy amounts on monthely basis.

According to the neighbours, they had complained about the prostitution centre time and again but nothing came out of it over the past 5 years.

The Kotwali Police arrested the suspects and handed them over to the Saddr Police.

The police arrested owner of the house Allah Wasaya, Dealer Iftikhar and customers including Muhammad Afzal, Irshad, Jamshed, Bilal, Arslan, Ali Iqbal and women Saba, Sadia, Maryam, Nadia, Sidra, Sania, Kanwal, Faiza, Samavya, Raseela Bibi, Rabia and Sadia Baloch. Cases have been registered against them.