KARACHI  - Pakistan and Turkey have agreed to form a “Social Protection and Family Policy” working group that will share experiences and best practices for social welfare of the vulnerable groups. 

This was discussed in a meeting between Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Sindh Minister for Social Welfare, Begum Nargis N.D Khan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Social Welfare, Sitara Ayaz, said a statement issued here on Monday. Begum Nargis ND Khan held a meeting with the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at Ankara, Turkey, it said.

Turkish Minister for Family and Social Policy Fatma Sahin and Pakistan Ambassador in Turkey, Muhammad Haroon Shaukat were also present in the meeting. The host was briefed about the govt of Pakistan’s welfare projects for the vulnerable groups.

The two ministers also briefed Turkish Prime Minister about the steps taken by government of Pakistan to rehabilitate the terrorism affected families.

Begum Nargis and Sitara Ayaz earlier attended a two days “International Conference on Family and Social Policies” organized by the Turkish Government.

They also met with Fatma Sahin and discussed proposals to enhance cooperation, sharing experiences and best practices for social protection of vulnerable groups in both Pakistani and Turkish societies.

Later, talking to newsmen Begum Nargis ND Khan said that discussions with the Turkish Prime Minister and other Turkish high officials were very fruitful.

‘Political drone attack’ may be slightly delayed:  MQM chief Altaf Hussain on Monday said that there might be a delay of a day or two in the ‘political drone attack’,

He added that one or two tools were needed to launch the so-called political drone attack.

The required tools would be available in a day or two, the MQM chief said, adding that as per the announcement, everything was ready for the attack.

Early on Sunday, Hussain had asked the nation to be ready for a ‘political drone attack’ from him in the two to three days’ time.

Speaking to members of the party’s Rabita (coordination) Committee via telephone from London, he stated that the announcement, which he referred as a ‘drone strike’, would be unanswerable.

“No one in the country will be able to respond to my drone attack,” he said.

The MQM chief appealed to the public to wait for his move and mentally prepare themselves.