BAHAWALPUR - Thieves, plunderers and dacoits have become blue-eyed boys for the political parties in view of the upcoming general elections.

Addressing a press conference here at Press Club on Monday, PPP outspoken MNA Jamshed Dasti claimed that he was (personally) not against the restoration of Bahawalpur province however it would be better that one province namely Southern Punjab should be created and Bahawalpur be declared its capital.

Dasti stated that those talking about two provinces in the South Punjab region were in fact conspiring against people of the region and they were not sincere in making the provinces. "They are exploiting the sentiments of people for political mileage," he claimed. The PPP leader averred that being a member of the Parliamentary Commission constituted for the restoration and creation of new provinces he understood that if new provinces were not carved out now in Punjab it can never be created in the future. He claimed that he had always talked for the rights of people of Southern Punjab at all platforms.

MNA Dasti accused the political parties of befooling the masses for the six decades, saying that they were united for looting national wealth but put the blame on each other's in public to camouflage their 'unholy nexus.' He claimed that he always raised "Awaz-e-Haq" at every forum against these corrupt leaders. "I spoke out against Yousuf Raza Gilani when he was the Prime Minister," dasti pointed out, adding that he would always raise voice against corrupt leaders within and outside party.

MNA Dasti was of the opinion that he belonged to a middle class and therefore can't play political game with the people. He said that he always stood by the innocent and oppressed class and for which he had confronted many difficulties.

He lamented that though the workers of PPP and PML-N endured great hardships in Musharraf regime, those who switched loyalties and jumped on his bandwagon were getting protocol and portfolios in the incumbent regime.

He urged on Punjab Governor Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood to apprise the public where he stood now? "Makhdoom Ahmed compromised his long standing stance on the restoration of Bahawalpur province only for a seat," he claimed, adding that which was haraam (forbidden) yesterday had become halal (pure) for him today. He also criticized the Punjab government and blamed that recent appointments of doctors and other staff made in District headquarter Hospital Bahawalpur had been made on the recommendations of the PML-N MPAs and MNAs in sheer violation of merit.

On the occasion, he advised the youth to follow the teachings of Islam because it was the only right way. "We can solve our all problems only by acting on the teaching of Islam," Dasti stressed.

He also greeted the newly office-bearers of press club and hoped that they would work for the welfare of Journalists and play a positive role for the development and prosperity of the area.