JHANG - The district police arrested 3,332 proclaimed offenders and registered 7,251 cases of different nature in 14 police stations across the district during the outgoing year.

This was disclosed by DPO Umer Akhtar Hayat Lalika while addressing mediamen here the other day. As per detail, the police registered 158 murders cases,719 of injuries, 13,353 abducation,76 rape, 7 gang-rape,63 road accidents, 58 dacoity, 183 road robbery, 232 car and motorcycle lifting, 126 theft,199 cattle theft, 895 narcotics,1,238 under illegal arm possession act, 77 amplifier act, 48 gambling and 1,813 cases of different nature were registered in 14 police stations of district during the last year. The police also arrested 2,877 proclaimed offenders and 455 court absconders.

The police also recovered a bulk of illegal weapons including

25 Kalashnikovs, 28 hand grenades, 103 rifles, 227guns, 122 revolvers, 758 pistols, 26 carbines and 3,939 bullets from the criminals during a special crackdown launched on criminals in the district during the last year.

The police also recovered 56.74-kgs of heroin, 13.88-kgs of charas, 78-kg of opium and 6755 litre liquor.

The ratio of registered during the year was less as compared to 2011 but crime ratio increased and the results of anti-narcotics campaign launched in 2012 was disappointed as compared to 2011.