VEHARI - In 2012, the district police arrested 3,239 proclaimed offenders, 286 members of 75 criminal gangs and retrieved 11 cars, 4 trailers, 3 tractors, 1 van, 93 motorbikes, besides seizing huge cache of arms and ammunition.

Talking to the media, District Police officer Shakir Hussain Dawar said that the police seized 102 pistols, 5 rifles, 26 guns, 21 revolvers, 27 carbons and 779 cartridges. He also said that total stolen valuables recovered by the police were worth more than Rs250 million. He said that two kidnapers were caught with Rs 500,000 and the kidnapped persons were also recovered.

"The police arrested 3,239 proclaimed offenders; registered 1,607 cases of unlicensed weapons and arrested 1,608 people; registered 2,080 cases of narcotics and arrested 2,195 drug pushers; and seized 900 gram opium, 700gram heron, 68Kg Charas, 794Kg Bhang, 4Kg post, 17,966 bottles of wine; and 170 alcohol points were sealed while 250 drunk were arrested," he said.

In 15 "police shootouts", 24 persons were killed, he said, adding that 226 cases of gambling were registered and 823 people were arrested. Media coordinator Muhammad Mubeen was also present. He said that 158 people were killed in district Vehari where 31 people were seriously injured and 146 cases were registered.

"In 70 accidents, 80 people died. Police registered 18 cases of murder and 387 cases of kidnapped; 415 people were arrested and 402 were retrieved; 55 women were killed in different cases; and in 5 acid cases, 6 ladies were affected while 15 were arrested in 9 cases of wheelies," he concluded.