ISLAMABAD - A sitting MNA of the ruling Pakistan People's Party along with his guard allegedly thrashed and beaten up badly a grade-20 officer of the Federal Ministry of Housing & Works and fled leaving him unconscious.

This shocking incident took place during afternoon hours on Monday, when Tariq Anees, a National Assembly member from Sialkot district, forced his entry into the office of Sarwar Awan, the Ministry of Housing & Works joint secretary, with the help of his armed guard, and asked the latter why he did not approve the summary of a development scheme for his constituency.

The victim official, Awan, explained to the lawmaker he had no powers to approve his development scheme worth Rs100 million, but his innocence fell on deaf ears. The legislator of the ruling party along with his armed guard thrashed him so badly that he fell unconscious.

"MNA Tariq Anees beat me up with the help of his armed guard in my office. He insisted that I illegally approve the summary of a development scheme for his electoral constituency. He even threatened to shoot me dead if I did not do so," Awan said.

According to information gathered by this scribe from different quarters, MNA Anees had managed to get approved a development scheme for his constituency, but the same got rejected by the Development Developmental Working Party during its meeting on December 20 last year since it did not have the powers to approve schemes exceeding Rs50 million. Afterwards, the summary was referred to the Central Development Working Party that actually could approve schemes something over Rs50 million worth.

However, the MNA managed to get the scheme split and again sent it to the DDWP for approval. This time too, the authorities refused to approve his scheme. Infuriated over this, the lawmaker stepped down from the limits of decency and physically assaulted the joint secretary and that too in his office.

The MNA, however, refuted the allegation levelled by Sarwar Awan. "It is baseless," he said while talking to The Nation.

Nevertheless, officials of the Ministry of Housing & Works confirmed that the legislator did assault the joint secretary. Until the filling of this report, the victim official did not report the incident to police. But, he did bring it to the knowledge of his boss, the federal secretary of the Ministry of Housing & Works. A wave of fear and wrath, however, gripped the ministry office as the news spread after the incident.