ISLAMABAD - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan after realising the adverse impact of inclusion of so-called traditional electibles blindly to the party fold after famous PTI's Lahore rally has now fast been reverting to his earlier stance of relying just on the masses, especially the youth, to win back the sympathies of dejected, sidelined but diehard and loyal party activists.

In an interview on Waqt Television's programme, Tonight With Moeed Pirzada, Khan conceded, "Yes, it's true that people of Pakistan, especially youth, felt demoralised over inclusion of so many electibles to PTI and it was because people wanted change that is impossible to bring with the help traditional politicians."

In the same breath, Khan added one couldn't do the politics for change depending on such electibles. "If we continue to depend on electibles, the youth will leave us feeling dejected. Pakistan could not be a changed country until it is freed from the clutches of such powerful electibles," Khan remarked.

Khan, who is vying to become Pakistan's next prime minister, during interview categorically stated that his party would strongly resist the unconstitutional acts including a prolonged interim government exceeding from constitutionally defined timeframe of 90-day and delay in general elections for any reason, besides threatening initiation of massive protest drive on the patron of Tahirul Qadri's planned one if someone tried to install partial interim setup.

After famous Lahore rally in October 2011, turncoats from several political parties most prominent among the PML-Q had started joining PTI. At that time, Imran Khan was of the opinion that his party was accepting politicians who are not corruption tainted.

While supporting the move Imran used to say, "PTI needed the electibles to get to the power that is necessary to bring change." However, remedying his earlier statements Khan during the interview made it clear by saying, "One can come to power with the help of electibles but such power would not yield desired results."

The entry of traditional politicians to the party had not only earned severe criticism from PTI's old-timers and the youth, but has also provided an opportunity to rival political parties to propagate against PTI.

However, he did not miss the opportunity to criticise his political rival Nawaz Sharif, the PML-N chief, on this very issue.

"Nawaz Sharif is trying to woo each and every politician that according to Sharif can win a single national or provincial assemblies seat for him. Even he (Nawaz) is willing to take back Sheikh Rashid to party ranks," Khan said while recalling a statement of Nawaz Sharif that he had given in London in year 2007 pledging he would not take PML-N turncoats to his party.

To a question, Imran said his party was not afraid of Qadri's march, adding it was unwarranted to call for a march even before the announcement of interim setup. The PTI would definitely hold march if it felt that both the ruling parties PML-N and PPP bypassing the Election Commission of Pakistan were going to install partial interim setup, he said.

"We want to remain within the ambit of the constitution and we don't want delay in general elections, as it is the only solution to steer the country out of deepening crises," Khan said.

Terming the PPP and PML-N as family parties, he said, both the parties even could not dare announce internal elections on PTI patron. He said PTI's ongoing intra-party elections were aimed to make PTI as an institution and bring forward the PTI candidates directly from the masses. He also recounted the wealth both Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari has accumulated in foreign countries. "There are two major issues the country has been confronting, the rampant corruption and tax evasion. PTI will take up both the gigantic tasks at earliest when came to power," he said.

Talking about country's foreign policy, Khan said Pakistan needs broader settlement with India but before that there is a need to streamline country's internal affairs. "We need a new level of relationship with India but that requires presence of credible government, which currently does not exist both in India and Pakistan."

He said it was because of flawed foreign policy of the past governments that today Afghans take Pakistanis as their foe contrary to the fact Pakistan always helped Afghanistan in trouble times. He said Pakistan's pick and choose policy in terms of different warring groups in Afghanistan has deteriorated the relations.

Imran Khan said PTI had a plan to cope with prevailing terrorism in the country. "We need to find out political solution to that issue, as over the past one decade it is proved that military action would not serve the purpose."