LAHORE – JAWAD R AWAN - The PTI will hold its intra-party polls in all the union councils (UCs) of the province from Rawalpindi on January 19.

A copy of the PTI intra-party polls information available with this scribe says candidates aspiring to contest the intra-party polls should submit their nomination papers for the union councils (UCs) to their district election committees concerned sitting at the divisional headquarters till tomorrow (Tuesday).

While the schedule for tehsil, towns, districts, regions, provinces and centre will be prepared after the completion of intra-party polls at the union council level.

The UC leadership comprises 17 office bearers of which 13 will be elected directly, while the elected will nominate four office bearers including UC secretaries for minority, labour, culture and welfare. Four women will also be elected directly by the PTI voters.

However, some party leaders say it seems difficult to complete the UC party polls on the given time schedule, which can create confusion among the party, which is already has serious divisions over the fight between new and old ahead of next general elections. Punjab PTI Election Commissioner Shadab Jaffari when contacted said: “We will do our utmost to complete the party polls in all the UCs till January 31”.

About the process of electing the leadership of other tiers of the party, he informs that all the directly elected UC leadership will form the ‘electoral college’ for electing the leadership of tehsil, town and districts. While the district leadership will elect the leaders for regions, the regions to elect the provincial leadership and they will finally vote to elect the central leadership, he informed.

The PTI intra-party polls in Punjab are important for party’s ‘make and break’ among its own ranks as well as its claims conquering the ‘hot seat’ of the PML-N.

The party polls exercise will start from Rawalpindi division on January 19, which will be followed by Sargodha division on January 20, Sahiwal division, January 21, Dera Ghazi Khan division, January 22, Bahawalpur division, January 23, Multan division, January 24, Gujranwala division, January 26 and 27, Faisalabad division, January 28 and 29 and concluding in Lahore division on January 30 and 31.