LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif attended the laptop distribution ceremony as guard of honour was given to brilliant students at the Law College Punjab University on Monday.

The CM while addressing the ceremony said that the enthusiasm shown by students in the ceremony reflects that the younger generation had every potential to bring about prosperity and development in the country in a revolutionary manner and through hard work, intelligence and skill.

He said that women were showing best performance in the academic field and that they would have to play a vigorous role in the practical field as well, to transform Pakistan according to the visions of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. He said that instead of sitting at home after acquiring education, women should step forward to play their active role in progress, prosperity and development of the country, because no nation can meet the challenges of the day and defeat problems, without their participation in the national affairs.

The CM said that jugglers from abroad with an imported agenda want to derail democracy, but the people would not let their nefarious designs succeed. He said that during the last five years, Zar Baba and Forty Thieves had been looting the national exchequer mercilessly, while he had been raising voice against the corrupt gang from the very first day. He said those who enjoyed life of luxuries abroad for the last five years, were now raising slogans against corruption and to bring about change in the country. Shahbaz Sharif said that 180 million people of Pakistan ask the imported elements where they were when the nation was in a lurch due to floods, dengue virus, and when the corrupt gang was looting the country. The CM said that people were fully conscious and aware of the imported elements and their designs to derail the democratic system, and they will be badly defeated. He said the time had come to get rid of Zar Baba Forty Thieves, and to bring forward an honest leadership which feels for the nation.

Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan, and others MPAs attended the ceremony. As many as 10212 laptops were distributed among the male and female students of the university.

 A smart contingent of Punjab Police presented guard of honour to the merit scholars.

He said that Punjab government had achieved many unprecedented landmarks in the history of the country, in the field of education. He said steps taken by Punjab government, such as laptops distribution among brilliant girl and boy students, provision of financial assistance through Educational Endowment Fund, establishment of Daanish schools, encouraging position-holders, setting up of IT labs in schools to impart modern education to students and to arrange visits of position-holders to foreign prestigious educational institutions, were proving to be revolutionary. He said that during the last 65 years, guard of honour had been given only to presidents, prime ministers, dictators, chief ministers and few corrupt rulers, however Punjab government had created a new tradition of according guard of honour to the future-builders of the country.

Shahbaz said that imported elements were claiming that they did not get even a tablet from the national exchequer as MNA. The Chief Minister said that he wants to remind the newly-arrived elements with an imported agenda that people cannot be hoodwinked by giving such examples of not getting a Panadol from the national exchequer.