Albert Einstein once said that if you keep on repeating the same experiment and expect different result, you are living in a fool’s paradise. This offers a perfect analogy for the political state in Pakistan. While the country is geared for the next election, we have the same scenario, with advocates of status quo, and hereditary leaderships in the forefront. Some new faces are cropping up on the horizon, but are Pakistanis brave enough to think out of the box and give them a chance, or will they choose the same old corrupt politicians and then complain?

There is now the added menace of mega corruption, uncontrolled cost of living, ever diminishing respect for law, and a total breakdown of security and discipline. One shudders to think if the next five years are going to repeat the same tale of horror or worse. What we have to see is if the people of Pakistan have perseverance to bear this load for five more years, as well as that the corrupt will get more hungry and ravenous.


Lahore, January 6.