NOORPUR THAL - The Quaid-e-Millat Foundation (QMF) and local Sport Organisation Jharkil are committed to creating awareness regarding environmental conservation among the youth of Thal and practically mobilise them to safeguard the rapidly-polluting environment of the Tehsil.

This was stated by QMF Chairman Malik Gulzar Hussain Jara while inaugurating the first annual "school environment programme" at a local hotel here the other day.

He said that the air and water-pollution and land pollution problems had been on the rise with every passing day in Thal.

He said that the access to clean water was as important as access to water itself. The health and economic effects of polluted water were well-documented. It leads to illness, ailment and even death. "The water quality situation in Thal is an environmental catastrophe," he claimed.  He said that the purpose of the school environment programme was to engage school students and teachers in a structured awareness programme to foster a sense of individual responsibility.