ISLAMABAD  – The cab drivers of twin cities are looting the citizens by taking double fare, when asked the reason they say their vehicle is not on CNG but on petrol.

This excuse of non availability of CNG is rapidly increasing among the cab drivers, which is freaking the citizens out as they, these days, are bothered to pay them an extra sum of money to reach at their respective destination. “I used to pay seventy rupees from G-7 to Margalla Road at my office but now the same cab drivers are taking not less than hundred rupees from me, some of them do not even agree on this amount and demand more” said Mubeen Ahmed a student who is doing a part time job in a local office.

He said that they make this excuse even if their vehicle is on CNG as it has become a permanent lie of them to get extra money from the citizens.

On the other hand the cab drivers said that it’s not an excuse but the truth “we also feel sorry for asking more fare than we were taking before, but what should we do as its not our fault” said Akram Chaudhry adding “when we are on petrol we cannot take the fare we used to take while using CNG”.

He said that first they faced the shortage of CNG and now the government has increased the petrol prices which bothered them to increase their fare, as they also have a family to feed.