It is said democracy is the rule of the people but the current rulers from the so-called elected parties, the PPP and PML-N, have proved that it is the rule of the two families Sharif’s and Zardari’s and their cohorts. They have in the five years rule delivered nothing but misery to the masses and mustered all the nation’s resources for the benefit of their respective families. In the forthcoming elections billions will be spent in the electoral marathon which could have helped the cash starved nation. Everyone knows that there cannot be ‘fair and free’ elections in this poor country and one of the two main parties will win and the country will see another despondent five year.

There are so many logical reasons why elections are not good for this nation instead of elections a group of technocrats should be selected for a one year to rule the country and once they have set the country in working order, elections may be held.


Peshawar, January 4.