ISLAMABAD - Providing an opportunity for young students to liberally convey themselves and play vital role in bringing peace in the Pakistan, Individualland Pakistan organised speech contest at 24 districts of the country.

The competition that proved popular among educational institutes as it promotes creativity among young talent as well as encourages them to raise voice for bringing peace in the country. The topic of the speech competition was the “Zanjeeren Torr Machaao Shor” (break the shackles and make your voice heard)”. These speech competitions are being arranged in 24 districts of Pakistan across the four provinces.

This initiative started off with events in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in October. In November the events took place in Sindh and Baluchistan. The aim of this initiative is to bring forth Young citizens who will take a stand for peace in this country and will be referred to as the ˜Young Ambassadors of Peace”.

These judges analysed the participants on various standards. Wasma Imran (Lahore School of Economics), Bismah Hayat (The Educator Walton Campus), Hamza Mustafa (Forman Christian College Lahore) and Alina Jahangir (Government Degree College for Women) were winners of the competition. Similarly, a competition was held in Bahawalpur.

A number of students participated in the event attended by teachers, educationists and other notables. Winner of the competition were Nazish Kanwal, Aneeq Zahid, Ameer and Sahar Anwar. Shabana Ali, Akram Shad and Farhan Khalid (Individualland Pakistan) were judges of the competition.

Gulmina Bilala Executive Director Individiualand Pakistan said that the future always rests with the youth.

Hard work, dedication, clear vision and identical target take you to the destination.

People from various walks of life including youngsters from various public and private schools in Lahore and Bahawalpur   participated in the event as spectators.