Many people make a living through blogging. In recent times, blogging has attracted a lot of attention given the rise of the social media and also when it is becoming more and more difficult for unbiased information to be presented to the audience at large with censorship.

Simply put, a blog is a sort of a website, where people can share their views, interests and even products online. You can write whatever you want and whenever without worrying about anything at all. Since everything is now connected to the internet through one way or another, blogs are here to stay as long as internet perhaps.

Registering a blog is not a difficult job at all; all you need is an internet connection; you can easily set up a blog with some help from Google search and with the support of the registering company. The main aspect is that you should be able to write and upload content that the people might be genuinely interested in reading. If you want to make blogging as your career, your blog should be specific and simple in all aspects. In simple words, you cannot make living by just writing about your life so you need to be unique and write on trendy topics to get readers’ attention. You have to be both efficient and proficient if you want to earn something for only ‘efficiency’ these days is considered the virtue of those who virtually know nothing, except having a gift of the gab and fooling people with that.

As in all fields of life, hard work leads to success and it is true of blogging as well. If you have unique ideology you can even go beyond the stars; after all some enterprising people will be flying off to Mars after 2020 to permanently live there.

Once you have a large number of readers on your blog, you can earn from paid advertisement, sponsored content, freelancer work and you can also sell products like e-books, e-courses through your blog. If your contents are authentic and of high class then your business or the products might sell like hot cakes.

Not only all these sources will generate revenue for you, but they will also enhance your skills increasing your clientele. Blogging is a profession which requires passion, creativity and patience. It needs to be promoted especially among the students who normally do not have many platforms to express their hidden talents.

Umair Arshad,

Lahore, January 6.