LAHORE - Many of the departments and executing agencies of the Punjab government failed to consume the full share of the Annual Development Programme (ADP) funds during the five months, TheNation has learnt.
Minutes of monthly review meetings of ADP 2013-14 till November 11, 2013 showed that against net ADP size of Rs 240 billion, core allocation was Rs 200 billion with revised core allocation of Rs 199.95 billion. As reported through the monthly progress reports furnished by the administrative departments and executing agencies 47% against the released funds could be utilized that remained higher than the envisaged target of 40%, the documents available with this paper showed. Only Rs 27.81 billion could be used by the departments or agencies.
It was observed that utilization of District Development Programme, Information Technology, Food, Literacy, Local Government including Walled City Project, Transport, Roads, Livestock, Irrigation, Public Buildings, Water Supply and Sanitation, Wildlife, Agriculture, Urban Development, P&D, Emergency Services and Higher Education sectors was up to satisfactory level whereas in other departments it remained below the benchmark i.e. 40%. The slow progress was observed in Archaeology, Energy, Schools, Industries, C&I. The Chairman P&D, who also chaired the meeting, emphasized that the administrative departments should improve the performance which will be thoroughly revised during the mid-year review meeting.
As per the sector-wise reviews as recorded, in Health department 10 unapproved schemes and 72 slow moving schemes were discussed. The department was advised to expedite the process of procurement of equipment in order to utilize the released funds under revenue component.
The schools dept showed low performance in expediting many schemes. The utilization of the Literacy department remained Rs 382m against release of Rs 556m including Rs 369m to the district governments. Utilization of H.E department was Rs 907.4 m against releases of Rs 2243 million (40%).
It was observed that more than 50 schemes were slow moving. Special Education used Rs 26.67m against releases of Rs 168.67 million. Commenting on the still un-approved schemes, the chair observed that the timelines given by the Chief Minister office have already been expired. Sports department utilized Rs 114.8 million against releases of Rs 398.7 million that was 30%. 20 schemes were slow moving whereas 13 were of zero utilization. Water Supply & Sanitation used 53% funds against Rs 2145m. There were 26 slow moving schemes and it was observed that due to monopoly of companies like M/s Dadex pipe manufacturers the progress was affected.
The chair was told the IT department consumed Rs 1666m against Rs 1937m released. It was further informed that Rs 47.89m were utilized by PITB against releases of Rs 213.92m which was 22%. The chair showed serous concern over non-utilization of funds against the police department schemes including computerization of Counter Terrorism Department, police reforms in 100 model police stations and IT capacity building of 100 model police stations throughout Punjab .
Regarding land acquisition for multi-model bus terminal at Ferozepur Road Lahore, it was informed by the Secretary Transport that the matter is held owing to invocation of arbitration by transport advisor.
Irrigation department, energy department, public buildings, tourism showed below of the 40% target with slow schemes. Agriculture department will ensure early handing-over of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture Multan, it was advised. Forestry used Rs 42m against Rs 172m released while Wildlife used 52%, LSDD used Rs 53m against Rs 92m, Food used Rs 35m against Rs 50m releases (78%).
It was also observed that the establishment of Qasar-e-Behbood is pending due to non-submission of rough cost estimates by C&W. The Women development requested the P&D for release of funds for new scheme Establishment of Working Women Hostels at Tehsil level. Information department used zero funds; it was informed, which was due to fact that contractors have forwarded wrong items against the scheme.
It was also told about Local government department that Pilot project for solid waste management in rural areas and up-gradation of BDA Engineering Labs & Surveying Equipments showed poor progress and no funds against the releases of Rs 13.29 m expended till now. It was also noted that Rs 226m for Walled City Project should be arranged through inter/intra sectoral arrangements. Urban development was allocated Rs 13822 m for twenty ongoing, eleven new schemes of WASAs, development authorities and five blocks of large cities packages. And against the advices of Rs 1032m Rs 954 m were released to the executing agencies.
The government decided that all the unapproved schemes should be sanctioned by the competent forum immediately so that the maximum utilization of the allocated funds could be ensured.
It decided that the departments concerned would ensure that their monthly progress reports, containing all schemes should be regularly received in the P&D department after reconciliation with the Finance Department.