LAHORE - Neck-to-neck encounters are being witnessed in different towns of the city as the union council level of the Punjab Youth Festival 2014 entered into its third day and with the passage of each day, public interest is developing and so is the urge for win.
The second level of the PYF is being contested in events like cricket tape ball, tug of war, bodybuilding, etc and by the dawn of the day, 147,000 participants were recorded and from among the mass entrants, 38,000 returned with titles.
In Lahore division’s Nankana Sahib, Kasur and Sheikhupura, 591 UCs’ 14749 players took part in different competitions and 1953 win their competitions. Around 18 union councils of Nishtar Town lured in 301 players and 116 had the last laugh. In arm-wrestling, Abid Ali beat Khawar Ali while Basit Ali prevailed over Mubashar in badminton and similarly, Iqbal XI beat Mujtaba XI in cricket. In Wahga Town, a total of 21 union councils locked horns in different sporting events and from among 350 competitors, 58 were the winners. Islamabad XI defeated Asghar XI in the football match and the score remained 1-0.
In Aziz Bhatti Town, 485 players from 30 union councils got involved in different sporting events and 58 players were declared winners. In arm-wrestling, Basir defeated Khurrum and Tayyab took the weightlifting title. In Shalimar Town, the most active area of the city, 42 union council’s 646 players took part in the competitions and 185 tasted victory. The badminton game was taken by Zahid while Usman XI won the cricket match.
In Data Ganj Bakhsh Town, 35 union council’s 837 players took part in cricket, tug of war and badminton events while 154 were adjudged winners. Iqbal Ghulam Xi beat Sahar XI in cricket match. In Ravi Town, although there were only 38 union councils figured in the competitions of the festival and it was the most active area in terms of participants where 1477 players came out to show their sporting skills and 153 were above the all. In Samanabad, 532 players of mingles against each other and 134 took their titles. Haris Shabir and Yasir Khan were the winners of the first two positions. In Gulberg Town 25 union councils contested for the honour but it went to 75 players out of the 415 participants. In badminton, Khurrum Ali and Wasif were the best players. In Iqbal Town, 151 players of 11 union councils contested and 37 of them triumphed. Yasir XI was the winner of the cricket tape ball match.