By 2025, the population of our country would be virtually on the verge of what is normally called, population explosion. And if the resources are not utilized properly, the country could face crises including food and water scarcity etc. We must get together and raise our voice and impress upon the government the need to construct Kalabagh Dam without any further delay and wasting any time. The federal government along with KPK government led by the PTI should also stop obliging our enemies by applying delayed tactics for construction of a life saving project. No country in the world can exist without big storages of water in the form of dams. Free electricity can also be generated without any fuel cost and thus providing boost to the national economy.

Unfortunately successive governments chose an easy way by switching over from Hydel to Thermal through IPP’s providing them a better source of corruption without any visible proof. The contracts signed with IPPs are certainly designed in such a way that both the government and IPPs have become partners in crime. Moreover former president Zardari immediately after taking over raised the price of all kinds of imported fuel to almost double while Pak currency was devalued to almost half. PML-N dispensation should serious pursue the construction of Kalabagh Dam.


Lahore, January 6.