Your editorial, on Wedesday 7th Jan, under the title Friends Forever on the PTI was not only factually incorrect but also highly irresponsible. PTI’s position on the US-led war on terror has always been clear as has our stance on isolating hard core terrorists and acting against them. PTI has also been perhaps the only party whose leader has condemned terrorist groups especially sectarian terrorists by name. Khan’s brave gesture of support for the Hazara community and his immediate and strong condemnation of Salman Taseer’s murder are just two of many instances that reflect his and his Party’s clear stance on opposing terrorism. A jog to the editorial memory would have helped in correct statement of facts.

As for the present situation, PTI is not attending Parliament because of its principled position against rigging. Yet in the interest of a strong national consensus on fighting terrorism PTI called off its dharna in Azadi chowk, gave full support to the APC decisions of 24th Dec and 2nd January. In fact PTI played a lead role in evolving the National Plan of Action in the Political and Experts’ committees and in the two APCs also.

It is unfortunate when editors forget basic facts simply to target a political leader.

For me it is even more disturbing to see The Nation do this as I was Editor of the same and there was a strong emphasis on factual accuracy. I have seen the paper’s editorial line shifting rightwards towards a Washington-sympathetic line but that is the paper’s prerogative. What is not the paper’s prerogative is to twist and distort facts and hurl false accusations to target the second largest political party in Pakistan and presently the most popular.


Central Information Secretary, PTI.