Gorakh Hill Station is Sindh’s highest point, located at a height of 5,688 feet in the Kirthar Mountain Range and spread over 2,500 acres. It is very attractive to nature-lovers owing to its temperate weather and beautiful surroundings. It is said if Murree is the Queen of hills, then Gorakh Hill is a lonely majestic king. Large crowds visit Gorakh Hill during Eid and other holidays to enjoy the natural beauty but they face a lot of difficulties. The roads are perilous and the location lacks basic facilities such as hotels, motels. The area can become a major tourist resort if the government took some interest in the area. They could install chair lift, a Zoo Park and provide cheap and good quality public transport to go to the hill station. Many governments did make planes but nothing came of it. With such beauty in our country, the lack of will shown by PPP government to invest in the improvements makes my heart break.


Shikarpur, Sindh, January 6.