Through the courtesy of your esteemed paper I would like to draw the attention of opposition leaders in NA and senate and educated parliamentarians towards the pathetic condition of Higher Education Commission (HEC). The worst example of the mismanagement by HEC authorities is its inability to release funds for indigenous scholarship program since July 2013. It is a pity to note that HEC has not released the approved funds for eligible scholars of M.Phil and Ph.D since July 2013. The scholars have paid fee for 3 semesters and the 4th semester is fast approaching. HEC sources claim that indigenous scholarship program is being closed, on the order of the PM. Moreover Minister for Planning Commission, Ahsan Iqbal is responsible for the delay in releasing funds. It is learnt that PML-N leadership is reluctant to release funds for indigenous scholarships because it was initiated by Gen Musharraf and PML-Q. Oppositions leaders in NA and the Senate should raise this issue on the floor of the houses.


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, January 2.