I would like to raise an important issue which has been troubling working women. 80 percent working and universities going girls use public transport in Rawalpindi and most large cities every day. The trouble that they face in buses is the continuous refusal of van conductors to let the women board. It is understandable on their part, as more men than women travel, but women are also an important part of our working class and they also need transport regularly. Their refusal ends with women being late for work. There are women’s reserved seats in front and behind the driver in every van but they are filled by men. As there are no laws to curtail this blatant encroachment, women can do nothing. Metro Bus project in Rawalpindi is appreciable in this regard but there is still time to its inauguration, till then some educated and honest officer of Rawalpindi Transport Authority would look into the matter and resolve it for thousands women of Rawalpindi.


Rawalpindi, January 4.