Last week I witnessed an act by a local car manufacturer that amounts to criminal negligence and danger. In march of 2015, I had purchased a local manufactured car in Peshawar. Since the beginning the car tires were giving me issues and eventually one of the tires burst on the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway, but luckily I was saved as I was driving slow.

While getting the tire repaired, the mechanic showed me the reason for the tire failing on my almost new car. All the tires had a manufacturing date of 2003 and were expired. With time, the rubber in the tires can get hard and lose its flexibility, due to which the tire loses road grip and can get deformed or de-shaped and fail during use, causing accidents.

When I visited the dealership, they quickly offered to change the tires for my car and their partner, a local tire trader, brought new tires for me the next day and the dealership changed them the same day.

Although my car has become safer with the installation of new tires, but for many others, including Judges, Government employees, Ministers, their lives might be at risk due to use of expired tires in their local manufactured cars. Therefore I would like to request all owners of local car manufacturers to inspect the tires of their cars. If they are more than 5 years old or even if they do not carry any manufacturing date, as mostly are rubbed off to hide expired tires, than the person should contact the dealership to get the tires changed.

I would also like to request the Police, FIA, Customs, CCP, FBR, Consumer Courts, Ehteesab commission and NAB to look into this dubious dealing of the local car manufacturer. Using expired tires not only amounts to criminal negligence, as it has reduced safety of the consumer and the product, but it also brings into question the usefulness of Government regulatory authorities. All Government organizations that have purchased government vehicles from local car dealerships should also get the tires inspected and changed. The Police and FIA should investigate tires, supplied as new, that do not have manufacturing dates, as it is criminal offense to delete such information from products when supplying them.


Peshawar, December 5.