There are many problems in big cities faced by people. Traffic is also the big problem that people are facing. Traffic situations in Karachi is getting worse with each passing day. Traffic jams occur every day and the causes of this are because vehicles are increasing day by day, worsening conditions of Karachi roads, bad behavior of taxi, rickshaw and bus drivers and they drive in a careless manner as a result traffic and accidents occurs every day. In this traffic jam problem violence of traffic rules are also involved such as driving without a license , wrong way driving, under age children are driving, improper double parking on roads, without using turn signal light driving, no use of zebra crossing . These violences of traffic rules are also responsible for traffic jam and accidents.

I m appealing to the public to follow the traffic rules and also I am appealing to the traffic authorities to make traffic system better and punish the people in case of any violence.


Karachi, December 5.