It is as apparent as the light of the day, that this world as it is advancing materially, is regressing to the depths of moral deficiency and speaking of moral values, an asset we have lost in this race of life is honesty.

Honesty comes in many faces and there are many aspects to the loss that could be addressed but here I want to draw attention to the most important facet ‘Being honest with yourself, your will and your goals’ and to me this lies above your faithfulness to others. Being honest with yourself demands being devoted to the goal you have set for yourself and is more than just being a hard worker.

It is like being bound to a pledge and requires one to be obsessive and above all the ability to accept failure and replace it with a new beginning. Yes! That is how it should be. Celebrations come late and they matter even more when failure comes in the first place because happiness would lose its true essence if it does not come as a sunshine after a long faded night. Similarly, success would not be joyous, if one didn’t fall on the way to it.

A small push back and there you sit running low on motivation? A piece of cake wasn’t it? Yes and your intolerant nature made it so. True obsession never makes you lose hope halfway through instead it leaves you restless, insistent and resolute. To make a dream come to one needs to work hard and be a fighter. A fighter who fights with the challenges ahead and works hard enough to overcome them. Make your failures milestones on the way to success. All I can guarantee you is that success would be your fate, when failure ‘fails’ to demotivate.


Islamabad, December 4.