It is something shameful to hear that Pakistan is one of the most unmerciful with prisons. In Pakistan, every year due to the worst condition of prisons a lot of prisoners die, and many are suffering from the worst state of health. Over the past three years, 104 prisoners had died, and 76% to 80% were only from Karachi and Hyderabad jail while others were from different jails.

Among 104 prisoner, ninety hostages died due to natural causes while 14 died due to suicide and violence of other prisoners. Nevertheless, it must be highlighted that health of the Pakistan prisoners is far from good health. And more importantly, the numbers of prisoners are much large. Therefore, the prisoners are forced to live in crowded and uncomfortable quarters. The buildings of prisoners are of colonial-era where hygiene and jubilation is a problem. On the other hand, the budget given to prisoner’s diet is extremely less. The authorities should show a little bit mercy, and solve such deficiencies urgently.


Kech, December 27.

Parking contractors

Recently, I happened to go to Autobahn road Hyderabad for some shopping. There I parked my bike properly, and a person gave me a receipt encompassing the parking charge of Rs.10 which I paid since it was the matter of management. Then, I left that area and passed few shops. Again, I had to park my bike and received another receipt from another person for the same purpose. I argued him that I had already paid, but then he replied that the receipt was the contract of another company; therefore I had to pay separately, and I paid it as well. The similar scene revised 3rd time at that I became very angry even so I was about to pay when parking person rushed to another biker and acquired his parking fee. This time the motorcyclist was an off-duty Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) when parking person came to know that, he apologized to ASI and let him go untouched as if he was involved in some sort of illegal act.

I don’t know whether it is a legal or illegal act. If legal then it must be paid by everyone, and contracts should be given at least streetwise and not by shop wise. If it is illegal then the government should take strict action against such looters.


Hyderabad, December 23.