Islamabad - Students of Quaid-e-Azam University are fast falling prey to drugs despite continuing crackdown by the police throughout the year 2017, suggests the data pertaining to the crime.

A total of 66 persons were arrested in 2017 for their alleged involvement in drugs supply to the local educational institutions, of which the QAU seemed a prime target of the criminals. The gravity of the situation can be gauged from the fact that the police had to take action on 65 occasions in which around 38 kilograms of chars and over 6 kilograms of heroin were recovered.

Eleven such cases were pertaining to the QAU only, the prime educational institution of the capital. Liquor, opium and pleasure pills were also among the recovered items, said the data on drug supply to educational institutions and the police action during the year 2017.

The other institutes where drugs were supplied include NUST, Bahria University, Islamic University, Iqra University, Preston University and some colleges of remote areas of the capital city. Twelve such cases were registered in Industrial Area and Secretariat police stations each while 9 cases were registered at Shalimar police station under relevant sections of the law.

A growing number of students are falling prey to the menace due to easy availability of drugs in the educational institutions of the federal capital.

They start it as a fashion and to kill time but many end up in utter destruction.

The increasing supply of drugs is a problem that requires immediate action from the police and other law-enforcing agencies. According to a report, a large number of students at educational institutions of the city are drug ‘addicts’ as hundreds of people die every day in the country due to drug-related complications.