LAHORE -  PTI Chairman Imran Khan has repeatedly claimed that his party would form the next government at the centre and in provinces after the 2018 election as “the ruling PML-N has failed to deliver”.

The election is to be held in July, according to Prime Minister Abbasi, and that will determine the future role of the contesting parties.

But, it appears, the cricketer-turned-politician, who should have focused all energies to garner political support across the country, has decided to sweeten his personal life first. This shows that he is his own worst enemy and doesn’t know the priorities he should set in the given situation.

At a time when US has suspended Pakistan’s aid – and many fear that it could even attack the country - the PTI chairman is planning to tie the knot yet again. He already married twice - and both ended in separation.

Although many may argue that this is his personal matter and he has the right to choose his life partner, it doesn’t apply to someone who is aspiring for the top political office. He has to subordinate his personal wishes to the situation prevailing in the country.

Still more astonishing is the fact that he has fallen in love with someone he was seeking spiritual guide from. This will, perhaps, be the first instance of a guide turning into his follower’s bride. Normally, the guides are very particular about their status and they rise above the worldly temptations in all circumstances.

Superfluous to point out that after the marriage, the role of guide will go to Imran - and Ms Bushra will be required to follow instructions of her ‘mureed’.

The development has exposed the spirituality of woman from the Maneka family as well as the leadership of the PTI Chairman.

The matter would not have come to light if a contemporary had not broken the news. A reporter claimed that he had evidence that the PTI Chairman had performed nikah with his spiritual guide.

This raised sort of a political controversy. The prevarications the PTI leaders resorted to in the defence of their leader made the matter more mysterious. Ultimately, the PTI had to admit that Imran Khan had proposed the lady and was waiting for a response from her family.

Whatever the fate of the new wedding, Imran has ruined the family life of a senior bureaucrat as he stands deprived of his life partner. He is reported to have alleged that it was because of the PTI chairman’s visits that differences cropped up in their family – that led to divorce.

As the situation stands, the PTI will have to do a lot of work in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan before dreaming of coming to power.

The Punjab belongs to the PML-N and Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has done a lot to keep the province as his party’s stronghold. It will not be easy for the PTI to penetrate there, although the vote bank may register some increase.

Similarly, despite all shortcomings, the PPP is expected to keep Sindh under its control. The only other party that can share the cake with the PPP is the Pak Sarzameen Party or the MQM-Pakistan. The PTI will have to go extra mile to be able to attract the voters in that province.

The PTI is stranger to Balochistan. A number of parties together form government in that province, and the pattern is not likely to change in the 2018 election.

This means that KP is the only province where the PTI can claim reasonable support. The PTI government has set up many projects in that province – but unlike Punjab that doesn’t play a decisive role in bringing some party to power.

Public perception that the PTI Chairman is more interested in personal matters even at this stage will damage the party position. His rivals will certainly celebrate the situation he has successfully landed himself in.